About APEX

Founded in 1992, Apex for Youth seeks to empower youth to be well-rounded, productive members of society by helping them build their self-confidence, explore academic and career goals, develop a sense of community and service, and gain leadership skills. Through one-on one mentoring relationships, educational programs, and social services, Apex helps youth overcome the multiple challenges they face, enabling them to cultivate valuable and meaningful relationships. Together, we hope to inspire our youth to create and achieve their goals.

APEX, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, empowers underserved youth, particularly Asian American students, in New York City through a combination of one-to-one mentoring relationships and educational programs. APEX was founded to support the development of healthy identities and future leaders through a powerful, comprehensive model that allows students to have an unparalleled advantage through a sustained engagement of up to 8 years. Now in its twentieth year, APEX has attracted thousands of volunteers and has served thousands of youth, many of whom are now mentors and volunteers themselves.

Our EIN number is 13-3650718.