We thank the following companies and individuals for their generous support and professional services provided to APEX on an ongoing basis.

Web Designer - New York and Dallas

PixFlex is the web design and technology expert behind the extreme-makeover of APEX's website. For more than 10 years, PixFlex has been combining the highest level of design quality with the technical back-up needed to insure each web project comes in as imagined & budgeted, and achieves its set goal. Known for exceptional designs, the highly preferred web design firm in Dallas has been expanding to serve businesses that target high-end customers, and non-profit organizations of all sizes in Dallas, New York, Chicago and other cities all over the US. A large number of PixFlex's clients are private equity firms in New York.
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Phong H. Lang

Art and design has played a big part in my life. They have allowed me to articulate my surroundings from a completely different perspective. At a young age, I was able to recognize how shapes, colors, imagery, and fonts can be integrated to form a visual communication. This has inspired me to explore the fundamentals of art and design and venture into a career as a graphic designer.

Citizenship Test

Citizenship Coach helps immigrants pass their naturalization exam to become the United State Citizens. Citizenship Coach is the proud creator of SurePass™ -the online citizenship test that helps citizenship students with limited English understand the citizenship questions, know exactly what to answer, and say the answer correctly. With the mission to serve the immigrant community, Citizenship Coach welcomes the opportunities of partnership with other organizations that share the same mission.
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