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Dear Friends,

Twenty years. Twenty years of friendship. Twenty years of mentoring. Twenty years of success, memories and moments that will never be forgotten.

Since 1992, APEX has established itself within the hearts and minds of thousands of mentees, students, and volunteers whose lives were shaped by our programs and are proud to say, "I was part of APEX."

APEX not only represents the ability to empower youth to reach their fullest potential but also symbolizes our community joining together and believing we can improve the lives of the next generation. We can use our knowledge and experience to provide role models and opportunities to youth who may not have had access otherwise. APEX is a charity in its purest form and its success proves that our community believes in its mission which it will carry on into the future.

As many of you know, not all Asian American students in New York City are in the position to be successful. Of the 200,000 Asian American youths under 18 years old, one out of four lives in poverty. In high-need areas, 65 percent are not college or career-ready by the time they graduate high school. Many Asian American youth face a variety of challenges, from being the most bullied ethnic group in schools to English language deficiency. Despite these issues, less than one percent of the NYC's social service budget and foundation grants go to organizations that focus on Asian American communities. Through our year-round one-on-one mentoring, accessible education programs, and culturally sensitive after-school classes, APEX is our community's response to fill this need.

For our 20th anniversary, APEX is celebrating by launching a campaign: APEX $20 for 20

We are reaching out to everyone who has ever been involved with APEX: whether you participated in one of our programs, volunteered as a mentor or teacher, supported the organization or simply believe in our mission, we are asking you to donate $20 or more to help APEX thrive for another 20 years and beyond.

To magnify the impact of your generosity, your gifts will be matched by APEX leadership up to $10,000. This means early donations are doubled! You donation will bolster APEX's efforts raise $200,000 to provide youth programming for an entire year and expand through its partnership with Central Queens Academy Charter School.

Show your love for APEX and our youth by donating $20 for our 20th Anniversary. Together, we'll continue to Inspire, Create, and Achieve.


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