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SAT Prep Program

The SAT Preparation Program equips students for the standardized college entrance examination by building skills and confidence in test-taking strategies and subject materials. The program consists of instruction and diagnostic exams. The classes are offered for a low cost fee to high school students throughout the city. The fee covers eight instructional sessions, two fully scored practice tests, and SAT Prep books and materials.

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College Prep Program

The College Preparation Program consists of a series of modules and tours designed to equip students with appropriate resources and tools. Workshop topics include college application processes, writing an effective personal statement, financial aid and scholarships, and career development. College tours, held within and outside New York State, are for students to learn about campus life, programs of study, and different student organizations.

School-based Initiatives

APEX's School-based Initiatives utilize our knowledge and resources to meet schools' unique needs. They are designed in partnership with the school staff in order to achieve specific student outcomes. We currently serve P.S. 1 Alfred E. Smith Elementary School, P.S. 110 Florence Nightingale School, P.S.184 Shuang Wen School, Central Queens Academy Charter School, and Murry Bergtraum High School.


4th Grade Prep Program

The 4th Grade Prep Program prepares students for the statewide standardized English Language Arts (ELA) and Math exams, which determine placement in New York City public schools for students starting in the 6th grade. The program's main objectives are to provide academic support and teach test-taking strategies to do well in the exams.

Hoops Basketball Program

Our wellness program teaches 4th and 5th graders the game of basketball and the values of healthy living, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Reading Empowers Program

Volunteers read and write with students.

English Excellence Club

Encourage 3rd and 4th graders to build confidence and interpersonal skills through dramatic activities and theatre while learning and improving English. Classes meet once a week (Saturday) 10:30 - 12:30PM at PS 184 (Shuang Wen school).

Art Program at CQA

Volunteers teach and mentor students through art.


Public Speaking Program

The Public Speaking Program boosts students' confidence in engaging others in dialogue. It is provided predominantly for students who are recent immigrants and English language learners.

In the Spirit of Jazz Program

"In the Spirit of Jazz" covers basic Jazz concepts and uses the concepts as analogies for the current professional culture: ensemble/working as a team, soloing/working individually, accompanying/helping others and improvising/learning to be flexible, creative, and risk-taking. Students also learn Jazz genres and are exposed to live performances.


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