Mentoring Programs

The Mentoring Program addresses the personal, educational, and social needs of middle and high school students through individual relationships with adult volunteers. Mentors are selected for their interest in and demonstrated commitment to working with a youth for at least one year, and for their ability to provide support, guidance, and exposure to new opportunities. This can be achieved by spending time with the youth and interacting through various activities depending on their goals, including helping with schoolwork, offering college and career guidance, attending cultural events, and participating in sports. To facilitate this relationship and foster a sense of community, mentoring pairs are encouraged to attend APEX group events and workshops, which have included cooking lessons, ice skating, and hiking. Through these programs, mentees are able to improve academically, broaden their horizons, develop stronger interpersonal skills, build a more positive self-image, and cultivate valuable and memorable friendships.


6th - 8th Graders - Pairs meet every other Saturday from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM at a designated school in Lower Manhattan.


9th – 12th Graders - Pairs meet on their own twice a month for at least two hours each time.


  • During a one year-long commitment, mentoring pairs meet twice a month for a minimum of two hours each time
  • Mentors must attend a training session prior to being paired
  • Mentees must attend an orientation session prior to being paired
  • Mentoring pairs must attend at least 3 out of 6 group events and 1 out of 3 workshop throughout the year
  • Mentors must attend the 2 feedback session, one in the fall and one in the spring semester
  • Mentoring pairs must have 2 monthly phone or e-mail check-ins and a year-end interview with the Program Coordinator


Jiyoon Mary Chung (Mentoring Programs)
(212) 748-1226 ext.105

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