Anita Lo Dumpling Making Workshop

On September 29, 2011, APEX hosted a cooking workshop with Chef Anita Lo, Top Chef Master and Executive Chef and owner of Annisa. Fourteen students gathered at Seefood Media’s kitchen to learn Anita's two delicious dumpling recipes. Everyone watched and listened as Anita made the unique fillings, explained kitchen techniques, shared her thoughts on cooking, and told stories of her past. After the fillings were done, everyone folded the dumplings together, practicing what Anita taught them as well as displaying their own creativity. Once cooked, they were eaten instantly. Below is feedback collected at the end of the workshop. • “I really like this workshop because we were able to learn how to make dumplings while also getting to know the chef, Anita Lo. She was very friendly and informative. She utilized French techniques to cook dumplings, a traditional pork dumpling and a contemporary American edamame dumpling. Fun and yummy.” – Kily, 12thgrade • “The workshop is perfect for a college-bound student like me, who doesn’t know how to cook at all. I am so lucky and honored to be participating in this workshop. Thank you APEX and thank you Anita!” - Doris, 11thgrade • GREAT WORKSHOP! I would love to continue to join these wonderful workshops. Anita Lo is a great cook and I want to learn more from her. Cooking is really fun. – Karen, 11th Grade